Consulting And Support

Need advice, got a question you need answered or just need someone to review a document of audit report?

We offer support and assistance on an ongoing or one off basis.

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RTO Setups

If you’ve never set up an RTO before, it’s impossible to know what you don’t know. We’ve not only set up and sold our own RTOs, but we have assisted many organisations since we started.

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Accredited Courses

We can assist in the application for the accreditation or reaccreditation of a course and guide you through the accreditation process, advising you as to what is required and when.

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Site and Desk Audits

RTO Consulting can conduct desk or site RTO audits against any or all of the standards, based on your requirements. An audit can be planned to meet your specific needs.

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Audit Preparation and Coaching

RTO compliance audits can be a stressful time, we can help relieve that stress by providing coaching and support for you and your team through all of the stages of the audit process.

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Professional Development

Need in house PD, a webinar, recording for staff, or speaker at a conference?

RTO Consulting will design and deliver a training session to meet your needs.

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