The fastest way to achieve RTO status

If you've never set up an RTO before, it's impossible to know what you don't know.  We've not only set up and sold our own RTOs, but we have assisted many organisations achieve Registered Training Organisations since starting the consulting service in 1999.


RTO Consulting take a structured approach to setting up your RTO. We guide you through the stages and ensure that your application meets the current Standards for RTOs 2015. Our approach is to provide you with guidance and coaching to ensure that when you have achieved registration you will be ready to take your first enrolment.


We'll take the guess work out of becoming an RTO, while ensuring you know what you need to know to confidently operate your RTO once registered. 

Considering setting up an RTO but you are not sure if the is the best option for you or your business? 

Contact us to arrange an obligation free telephone call to discuss the application process.  Request an RTO set up proposal including costing, activities to be undertaken and support provided by RTO Consulting.

Request an instant RTO Setup Proposal

Have experience in running an RTO, considering setting up an RTO and need the policies, procedures, and templates?

Go to our “RTO policy and procedures” page for information about the tried and tested documents available for purchase and customisation, speeding up the process and taking out a lot of the guess work of what is required.

Email or call us on 1300 406 233 for a confidencial conversation about your plans to become an RTO.

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How we can help with your RTO Setup

We will help you to:

  • Decide whether becoming an RTO is the right decision for you and your business.
  • Understand the requirements of becoming an RTO and the ongoing RTO compliance issues you may face.
  • Understand the requirements of compliance with the standards for RTOs 2015.
  • Prepare and submit your application for RTO status.
  • Prepare for an initial audit with ASQA.
  • Get up to speed with what you need to know about the VET sector and operating your RTO.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have the Training and Assessment Strategy, Training and Assessment material, your staff files ready (with our assistance) and the company details, we can submit the online application to ASQA. From there you are looking at 6-9 months before gaining RTO status.

Please take advantage of our free RTO Setup Proposal for an exact quote for your RTO Setup.

ASQA do not set an amount of cash that an RTO is required to hold when commencing. However you do need to demonstrate that your company meets the financial viability requirements, therefore it is expected that you have sufficient funds to operate the business and cover costs.

You need to demonstrate that you have access to all required resource and equipment to deliver and assess any qualification you are applying for. This can be by hiring facilities, accessing workplace facilities and equipment or you may have your own.

For reasons I can better explain in a telephone conversation, I do not recommend that you use your existing company name if you have one. It is my recommendation that you set up a separate business.

As a consulting firm our expertise is in compliance. While we can identify qualifications that meet a client needs we cannot tell you the best qualifications to offer or where you are most likely to make money. It is important that you know who your potential clients are.

In my experience I have found that the development and customisation of training and assessment material is the most time consuming part of registering an RTO and historically the one leading to the most non compliances. While there are a number of publishers who sell material, these materials are not written for every qualification on the national register and re not guaranteed to be compliant or endorsed by ASQA. We can assist in the review of material but rectification of training and assessment material, development and/or customisation is not included in the consulting price quoted. This service is offered at an additional price.

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RTO Compliance Coaching Program

Our RTO Compliance Coaching Program builds your RTO complaince skillset by focusing on an area of RTO compliance each month.  You'll conduct your own internal audit on that area of RTO compliance and identify and rectify any non-compliances before moving onto the next subject.

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RTO Policies, Procedures & Templates

Purchasing our customisable RTO policies, procedures and templates can save time and money.  Our policies, procedures and templates are provided in Word, allowing you to insert your branding and adapt to your organisation’s requirements.

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