What is an Accredited Course?

An accredited course is a course which leads to a national qualification, is accredited with ASQA and meets an industry need that is not currently filled by an existing nationally recognised qualification.
Accredited courses are:
  • Like curriculum, providing the qualification or course structure and unit outcomes. An accredited course does not provide content or the assessment tools.
  • Listed on but the details of the qualification or course structure and units contained within are not publicly available.
  • Only accredited if it can be shown that there is a need for the course to be accredited and there is no existing national recognised qualification
  • Made up of existing national units (wherever possible) and enterprise units
  • Only accredited if there is a vocational outcome
  • Aligned to Australian Qualification Framework levels
  • Accredited for 5 years and need to be reaccredited within the 5 year period if training in the qualification is to continue
  • Are copyright owned by an individual or organisation, unlike nationally recognised qualifications which are owned by the Commonwealth government
Contact us to arrange a time for an obligation free discussion if you have a course you are considering accrediting.


Why use a VET Consultant when accrediting or reaccredited a course?

RTO Consulting will:

  • Assist in establishing if an existing course or qualification already exists
  • Guide you in the consultation process to ensure that sufficient evidence of industry support and need for the course is provided
  • Guide you through the accreditation process, telling you what is required and when
  • Take existing training material or work with you to write the accreditation document in the required language and format
  • Complete the application and accreditation documents
  • Guide you in the process and prepare course accreditation documents for reaccreditation
  • Assist in responding to non compliances in unsuccessful accreditation applications


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RTO Compliance Coaching Program

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RTO Policies, Procedures & Templates

Purchasing our customisable RTO policies, procedures and templates can save time and money.  Our policies, procedures and templates are provided in Word, allowing you to insert your branding and adapt to your organisation’s requirements.

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