How does the Compliance Coaching Program work?

STEP 1:  Attend the live session or watch the recording.

Here is the recording of Session One - ASQA's Current Audit Model and observations from recent audits. Please feel free to watch the entire recording to familiarise yourself with the type of information you will regularly receive as a subscriber. 


STEP 2:  Download the Supporting Documents

Addressing Non Compliances

All of the supporting documentation for each session is uploaded to our Facebook Group and stays there available for your use at any time.


STEP 3:  Stay up to date with regular industry updates via our closed Facebook Group

When you subscribe you will be invited to join our Facebook Group.  This will ensure that our industry updates appear in your news feed as we add them.  You can ask any questions or start discussions with your fellow group members.  We encourage interaction between participants.

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Are you Interested in subscribing?

The subscription cost is $121.00 inc GST per month.  Your subscription is automatically renewed each month.

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