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We all know that the only constant in the Training Industry in Australia is change. We'll endeavour to keep you up to date with the latest changes to standards that apply to Registered Training Organisations in Australia.

Top 4 issues relating to the USI

 Obtaining and validating the USI has now been an obligation (with very few exceptions) for RTOs since 2015 still the following are issues being identified at audits or while providing consulting services.

  1. The student's USI is not being protected, such s the USI being included on certificates and statements of attainment, recording in student files unnecessarily or being used as a student number.
  2. Some RTOs are still using the USI as a student number and including it on certificates, statements or attainment and even assessment booklets. This number needs to be protected and treated the same way a staff Tax File number is protected. The USI is collected only for the purpose of entry into the AVETMISS system and not to be published or used as a student number.
  3. RTOs applying for the USI on behalf of the student are not meeting the legislated obligations or requesting in writing the students permission to do so
  4. Information is being collected from the student for application of the USI that is not required

To apply for a student's USI on their behalf you do not need a copy of their ID, just the number. So the students Medicare number, Passport number or Drivers Licence number are sufficient without taking a copy of the ID itself.

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Sunday, 26 May 2019