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We all know that the only constant in the Training Industry in Australia is change. We'll endeavour to keep you up to date with the latest changes to standards that apply to Registered Training Organisations in Australia.

Top 4 errors made by Assessors

The quality of our graduates and staff within an industry relies on quality assessment. If the training was conducted well, it will be reflected in the student's ability to perform tasks and their knowledge which are evidenced in the assessment process. Effective assessment is an evidence gathering exercise, whether via RPL or following training. A...
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Top 4 issues relating to the USI

  Obtaining and validating the USI has now been an obligation (with very few exceptions) for RTOs since 2015 still the following are issues being identified at audits or while providing consulting services. ‚Äč The student's USI is not being protected, such s the USI being included on certificates and statements of attainment, recording in stude...
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