Audit Preparation and Coaching

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RTO compliance audits can be a stressful time, we can help relieve that stress by providing coaching and support for you and your team through all of the stages of the audit process – from preparation to rectification.

Through our structured on site or desk audit services, our VET consultants can help you:

  • Prior to an ASQA audit – proactively identify any non-compliances prior to an audit
  • During an ASQA audit – be there with you during an audit to support and assist
  • Following an ASQA audit – read and interpret an audit report and identify actions required to address non compliances. If required we are here to assist in compiling and submitting evidence within the mandated timeframe


We can create a coaching program to develop the skills and knowledge of new and existing team members while focusing on the needs of your RTO. Following an audit we can provide coaching to support your team members in the rectification of non compliances, while building your teams’ compliance knowledge and confidence.

Book a Discovery Call to discuss the developmental needs of your staff so we can tailor a program for your RTO.